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Is the inverter power as high as possible

Is the inverter power as high as possible? The greater the power of the inverter, the more power will be consumed. Is the inverter power as high as possible? not always. Nowadays, science and technology are developing rapidly. Although the inverter produced in recent two years has a large power, its conversion efficiency is also very high. Compared with those inverters with smaller power in the past, the power consumption is much smaller. In addition to the inverter output power, the power consumption is directly related to the conversion efficiency. Now the conversion efficiency can reach 90%, but in the past, it could not even reach 80%.

Is the inverter power as high as possible? It first converts alternating current into direct current Then use electronic components to switch the DC current into AC current. Generally, the converter with large power uses silicon controlled rectifier, and a device with adjustable frequency is set.

What is the inverter power related to

What is the power of the inverter related to? To put it simply, the inverter is an electronic device that converts low voltage (12 or 24 V) DC to 220 V AC. It is named because we usually convert 220 V AC to DC for use, while the inverter has the opposite effect. We are in a "mobile" era, mobile office, mobile communication, mobile leisure and entertainment. In the mobile state, people not only need low-voltage DC power supplied by batteries or batteries, but also need 220 V AC power that is indispensable in our daily environment. Inverters can meet this demand.

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