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Rapat Pimpinan ALSA Indonesia 2018

Rapat Pimpinan Nasional, or widely known as RAPIMNAS, is an activities organized by the National Board of ALSA Indonesia with the aim of inaugurating members of the National Board of ALSA Indonesia for the period of 2018/2019. In addition, together with other 14 local chapters, the National Board for the period of 2018/2019 also discuss their work programs for the next 1 year. This event was held for 3 days, on 13 – 15 May 2018, at Cakra Kembang Hotel in Yogyakarta.

On this occasion, ALSA LC UGM as the host of this event, tried to combine 2 work programs at once. That is, combining the Legal English Workshop in collaboration with the Community of International Moot Court of FH UGM (CIMC), and RAPIMNAS itself. The Legal English Workshop only took place on the first day and continued with the RAPIMNAS.

On the first day, all the delegates gathered in the Cakra Kembang Hotel Hall to attended the opening ceremony and continued with the Legal English Workshop. The Legal English Workshop was attended by all the delegates from 14 Local Chapters and public. This time, the theme of the Legal English Workshop is "The Art of Conflict Resolution Through Negotiation and Mediation" as an effort to fulfill the pillars of ALSA, which are legally skilled and internationally minded. This event was divided into 2 (two) sessions, where in the first session, the speaker discussed the basis of Alternative Dispute Resolution. Then, continued with the practice of mediation and negotiation. This material was brought by Mr. Eri Hertiawan S.H., LL.M., MCIArb., Who is a Partner of Assegaf Hamzah & Partners, and Mr. M. Rifky Wicaksono, S.H., M.Jur. who is a lecturer at the Faculty of Law at UGM and a recipient of the Jardine-Oxford Scholar at the University of Oxford. On this Legal English Workshop, it was seen that the speakers and the participants were very enthusiast and interactive in both sessions. It shows that, this event is very useful for both speakers and participants.

After the Legal English Workshop was finished, participants were allowed to take a short break. Then, the delegates from 14 Local Chapters returned to the room for the RAPIMNAS, and participants who were not from ALSA were allowed to go home. In the RAPIMNAS, various events were held. Starting from the inauguration of the new National Board, discussions on the work programs, tenderization of national events, fit and proper test for the candidates of International Board ALSA for the next period, and accountability reports presented by all of the Local Chapters.

After the RAPIMNAS finished, the event continued with a closing ceremony at the Hotel Cakra Kembang pool. The delegates were treated to interesting performances from ALSA LC UGM and there were also experience sharing sessions during the event.

On the next day, a culinary tour was held at the Pelem Golek Restaurant. It is located at Jl. Palagan Tentara. At the Pelem Golek, the delegates were treated with various of food. After all the events were finished, the delegates were allowed to return to their hometown.

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