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Analisis Kritis Terhadap Keputusan Menutup Tiktok Shop dan Dugaan Perbuatan Predatory Pricing

ALSA LC UGM's Research Team proudly presents an article of “A Critical Analysis Of The Decision to Close Tiktok Shop and The Alleged Predatory Pricing Act”. In order to respond to the issue of the rampant development of e-commerce around the world has actually reaped many pros and cons. This also has an impact on the concept of business competition. With the presence of e-commerce, business actors have the potential to utilize technology to reap profits, but bad luck is faced by those who do not develop or conventional traders. Then, it results in calls from conventional traders to stop and ban e-commerce. The conflict between the two parties must be studied holistically from the perspective of competition law, all government policies must be able to realize fair business competition for the best interests of consumers.

This article is brought to you by:
1. Adinda Atmim (Supervising Researcher);
2. Nicholas Aurelius (Leading Researcher);
3. Sarah Dwi Kautsar (Researcher);
4. Muhammad Andhika (Researcher);
5. Afiyah Arinda (Researcher); and
6. Dinda Maulidina (Researcher). 

Through this article, we hope that the studies that we have done can be useful for the development of law and the world effort.

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