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Being a legacy for almost 2 decades, ALSA Crushbone Competition (ACC), formerly known as ALSA Crushbone Debate Competition (ACDC), is one of ALSA LC UGM's signature work programs under the English Development division. It offers students the chance to explore and deepen their understanding on legal topics as well as their critical thinking and analytical thinking skills through three different competitions, namely debate, paper presentation, and speech. With a balance of dynamics provided by our professional committee, competing delegates from all across Indonesia, and current topics that are crucial for the young generation to know, ACC offers an ideal setting for high school and varsity students to develop their skills further. 


Version 4

ACC Through the Years

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Grand Theme:

"From Crisis to Care: Addressing Barriers to Achieve Health Equity in Healthcare"

Imagine a transformative journey; one that moves us from a point of crisis to one of solicitude. That is the core of our overarching theme, "From Crisis to Care: Addressing Barriers to Achieve Health Equity in Healthcare."


We are motivated by an unshakeable dedication to change despite the catastrophe. We want to understand the complexities of these constraints, whether it would be social, geographical, or systemic, through thorough investigation and group effort. By taking on these challenges head-on, we are laying the groundwork for a healthcare system that values diversity and ensures that everyone has equitable access to high-quality care, regardless of their background or situation.


In a nation where health disparities have hampered growth, we are setting our sights on a brighter future. Together, we are changing the basic healthcare foundation in Indonesia and making a permanent imprint on the road to universal health equity.

Rp 75,000,00/person

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September 5, 2023

Open Registration

October 20, 2023

Submission Deadline

 for Paper Presentation

October 28, 2023

Preliminary Rounds

& Announcement

October 25, 2023

Finalist Announcement for
Paper Presentation

October 14, 2023

Close Registration

October 24, 2023

Technical Meeting

October 29, 2023

Grand Finals

& Closing Ceremony

October 27, 2023

Opening Ceremony

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   For further information, 

kindly contact:

Samuel Ferian Bonay

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Winner Testimony


"My personal growth was I'd get to outperform my greatest weaknesses and be free to express my confidence in public speaking.  In academic, I'd get to know Legal English better than most students in Indonesia"

- Michael Agi Wibowo, Champion of Speech in ACC Ver. 3

Event Review

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