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ALSA Legal Visit 2019 provides participants with the opportunity to visit two agencies in the field of Financial Technology and one Law Firm. WIthin two days, participants receive the chance to visit LinkAja, Gojek and ABNR Counselors at Law, respectively. During the visits to the institutions, the participants held a general discussion with the legal practitioners or experts based on this year's theme; Regulation, Standardization, and Implementation of QR Code in the Interrelated Scope of Law & Financial Technology. There is also a legal product made by the participants in the form of analysis based on a hypothetical case which was discussed at the Law Firm. Additionally, the participants were also invited to see how the working environment of the institution through the Office Tour. ALSA Legal Visit 2019 was later closed with a Closing Dinner event with ALSA LC UI, where participants get the chance to mingle, socialize and expand their network. See our event review at the link below:

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