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Upgrading Sekre ALSA LC UGM

ALSA LC UGM has an annual tradition to transform its secretariat, with new choices of appearance every year. The activity is conduct under the Internal Affairs division and is intended to be the source of new spirit for every members of ALSA in their time of dedication, and in the attempts to make the place even more clean, comfortable and foremost representative.

This year, one of our newest member, Fenty (Batch 2015) had took the honor of being the project officer and chose the tropical forest theme. Fenty sees how much a secretariat is use by ALSA members, we use it for various kinds of activities, a safe place for the association's documents and it's members. Even though the themes are varied under different project officers, it has always been our principle to keep our place cleaner every now and then. That is why we started off by cleaning every shelves we have, we re-paint it, along with the windows and door on the first day. On the second day we fix up wallpapers and paint jungle themed pictures on them. The project had been a very fun experience for us, and the result had been no less than satisfying for the two days work. We add up some pillows and a better fan for the newly decorated secretariat.

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