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ALSA Movie Session

On Thursday, March 10th 2015, English Division of ALSA LC UGM has held an interesting event, namely ALSA Movie Session. ALSA Movie Session is an event which the participant will watch a movie and followed by legal discussion afterward. ALSA Movie Session under the English Division is different with other Movie Discussion. It’s different because the whole activity is conducted by English and usually, ALSA LC UGM manages to invite foreigners in order to motivate the participants to speak English during the discussion.

In the last Movie Session, the main theme of the discussion is about piracy. The committees decided to use a movie with a tittle Captain Phillips. The movie was inspired by a true story of the 2009 Maersk Alabama hijacking.

The captain of the ship, Richard Phillips (Tom Hanks) was taken hostage by the Somalian pirates, and this movie portrays the acts taken by the American Government in regards of the piracy and the attempt to save its citizen.

After the movie screening, the participants were having a legal discussion related to the movie and piracy in general. Since there were four foreigners who are coming from three different countries, the participants were able to know and compare the Indonesian legal prospective with other countries’ legal prospective. Not only with the foreigners, the participants also shared their opinion among themselves. This event was started at 5PM and ended at 8PM.

At the end of the day, this kind of event is very important to be conducted annually. It’s important because sometimes students only listen the materials given by the lectures when they are in the class, but with this kind of activity, the students will also use and develop the materials that they’ve got and apply it I the real world condition.

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