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Each year, ALSA LC UGM has a triannual event, which is ALSA Gathering. The activity is conduct under the Internal Affairs division. The purpose of this event is to gather everyone around and make a better bonding amongst all members. The first Gathering took place on 5th March 2016.

This year, one of our newest member, Alissa (Batch 2015) had took the honour of being the project officer of ALSA Gathering I and choose the Summer Time theme. After a lot of plans, she finally choose Sarangan Beach as our destination. Alissa thinks that beach is the best place to build the togetherness between each members. Before we started the activity, all divisions also take a group picture with the beautiful scenery. This Gathering went really fun and feels like a vacation. Everyone is having fun playing with the water. We also having a delicious BBQ by the beach.

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