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ALSA Movie Session 2017

The latest ALSA Movie Session was held on Wednesday, May 10th 2017. A combination of entertainment and provider, students gather to watch movie and discuss the elements of the movie by relating it to that of the legal perspectives. It is brought to students’ availability by ALSA English Development Division, in which verified and granted by ALSA LC UGM Board of Directors.

The themes of the latest ALSA Movie Session were focused on the life of an ex-convict and police misconduct. The event previewed “The Usual Suspects”, a 1995 classic of which considered by most as an influential masterpiece and received critical acclaim that leads to numerous awards.

The background of the movie stressed on the life of Dean Keaton, a former corrupt policemen and convict, that was harassed by the police and prevents him from acquiring any clients, leading him back into the life of crime. The story were described within the perspective of his accomplice and sole survivor of the events in the movie, Verbal Kint and Special Agent David Kujan, as the Kint’s Interrogator.

After the screening, the viewers were indulged into discussion, as 2 speakers; Archimedes Malaihollo and Daniel Agus D. and shared their perspectives based on the movie. The 30 minutes were engaging, as one speaker described within foreign perspectives and local perspectives by another. By comparing each perspective, the viewers has more familiarity on the aforementioned issues, in which for those who were unable to understand were given a Question and Answer Session for transparency.

The newest addition to the Session; The Quiz Segment, has met with positive reviews by the viewers. With a series of questions pertaining to the movie were given to the viewers, which were classified as a group of five. Prizes in the form of Food Vouchers and Certificates has been given to the winners and the most active participant in the session.

The duration of the event was held approximately at 17.00 until 20.30, accompanied with free popcorns and beverages.

In conclusion, it is obligatory to do the events annually, as it is a substantial alternative of regular studying. As entertainments were involved, viewers would have a pleasurable way of gaining more information, and undoubtedly would be useful in both university life and work life.

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