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ALSA Legal English Workshop

On Thursday, May 13th 2016, ALSA Legal English Workshop: Contract Drafting and Representing Big Companies was held in Atrium Hotel Jogjakarta. ALSA Legal English Workshop was a joint project between Law Development and English Development Division. The tagline of this event was “Talk and Think Like a Lawyer”. The guest speakers were Bono Daru Adji and Valerie Ngooi from Assegaf Hamzah & Partners, who are the managing partner and foreign counsellor of the firm. The whole event was conducted in English.

This event is a three-session combination of a workshop and seminar that lectures the participants on how to draft a contract, how to negotiate a contract and how to represent the client. From the first to last session, the materials given correlate and ultimately are the key skills that lawyers need to possess.

In this year’s ALSA Legal English Workshop, get to realize the workshop element as the guest speakers were interactive in presenting the material and provided a quiz sheet for the participants to fill and later discuss the answers. The participants received lots of useful and applicable knowledge, and were left with wanting more.

All in all, it is vital to continue creating events of this quality annually as it truly hits all four pillars of ALSA, which are Legally Skilled, Academically Committed, Internationally Minded and Socially Responsible. Students may learn the theories in formal classes, however they also need to know the practice in real life, in which only practitioners can provide.

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