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ALSA Legal Discussion I

On April 5, 2017, LC ALSA ALSA UGM has been successfully implementing the Legal Discussion discussing the issue of violence against women. Herdika (Batch 2016) was given the opportunity to become a Project Officer of the event and choose the issues to be discussed. "Women, Human Rights and Issues" is a title that represents about the issue of violence make women as victims, both in the domestic environment to the wider environment. We discussed this issue not only to the students of the Faculty of Law but also with other university students and general audiences.

Our target holding this event is to understand this issue from legal view points. Each audience in attendance was given the right to ask questions about women's issues regarding the material presented by the Speaker. We invited three speakers of three different viewpoints. Sri Nurherawati, SH representing the Komisi Nasional Perempuan, Prof. Dr. Eddy O.S. Hiariej, SH, M. Hum. which is a criminal law expert and professor of the Faculty of Law, as well as Sisparyadi, Sos. representing the Women's Studies Center UGM. Legal Events Discussion was attended by about 150 participants.

The speaker explained the issue through their perspective. Komisi Nasional Perempuan describe materials related to the background of the establishment of institutions Komisi Nasional Perempuan which is a response to public demand for non-violence to the accountability of the state on violence against women, particularly the sexual violence suffered by ethnic Chinese women in the tragedy of May 98, the functions of the Komisi Nasional Perempuan itself is develop conditions conducive to the elimination of all forms of violence against women and uphold human rights, in particular the Rights of Women in Indonesia and improve the prevention and control of all forms of violence against women and the protection of the Rights of Women. Komisi Nasional Perempuan then displays a graph showing each year of violence against women tend to show an increase.

Criminal Law Expert explain about the perspective of law, in particular how the role of the Indonesian Criminal Law in protecting the rights of women, as well as how the effective application of the KUHP in order to prevent violence against women, as though it were set related rape or any other acts of violence have been regulated in the KUHP nonetheless still high at all levels of violence against women. Discussion session with Prof. Eddy becomes interesting when the audience asked about cases that occur in the field when a woman sodomized and her case was rejected by the police on the grounds that sodomy applies only to men, and do not apply to women.

Pusat Studi Wanita UGM exposing more material towards a social perspective on how the impact that occurs when women are victims of gender-based violence. The impact is divided into three, namely the economic impact, social impact, and the psychological impact. Economic Impact is a victim must pay to restore physical health and psychological consequences of violence, and appear likely victim could lose their jobs. The social impact is the victim restricted to obtaining a social service and tensions may arise social relationships in the environment or job. The psychological impact is a potential victim of emotional disorder such as trauma, distrust of men, fear of intimacy, and feel embarrassed and very despicable.

ALSA LC UGM hope this discussion can contribute or exhibited significantly impact on the enforcement of the protection of women in Indonesia.

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