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ALSA Forum Sri Lanka 2018

ALSA Forum is the highest and most important international event within ALSA. ALSA Forum or usually called “AF” has been held for quite some time now. This year, which is the 15th Annual AF, was held in Sri Lanka on 5th to 11th August. Mainly, AF could be divided into two parts, which are the Academic, and Non-Academic activities. What makes AF different from other international events, is the events held during those academic activities days. For the academic activities, it is divided into three main parts, which are (i) Annual General Assembly, (ii) Academic Session, and (iii) Governing Council Meeting. The “main event” for AF is the Annual General Assembly, which is the highest authority decision making organ in ALSA on all matters affecting ALSA. The General Assembly consist of; election of the new international board, review of accountability report, expansion of ALSA, and all other decisions and resolutions affecting ALSA members.

I have the honor to be one of the delegates for ALSA Forum 2018. From LC UGM, there were three delegate sent, which are Alya Aska (2016), Jonathan Putra (2016), and myself. There were also 7 other delegates consisting of delegates from LC UI and LC Undip.

To be able to participate in ALSA Forum, there were several documents required. Delegates who wishes to participate would need to pass an interview with the National Board regarding their knowledge on ALSA, and also interview on essay they have written (legal essay is one of the documents required to be submitted). This year’s academic topic is the “3rd Generation on Human Rights and Alternative Dispute Resolution”. After passing those “tests” delegates are also given homework in preparation for the panel discussion that would be conducted during the academic session.

As I’ve mentioned in the Brief Introduction, there are two main activities conducted during the ALSA Forum. Which are Academic Session and Non-Academic Session. On the first day, the agenda were only registration and opening dinner. We also had the honor to be visited by the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka during the opening dinner. On the second day, the agenda were alumni sharing session, and panel discussion. Alumni shared their experience and how ALSA benefits them for their professional work during this agenda. During Panel Discussion, we were given lectures by prominent figures of those fields. The panel discussion on the second day was about International Commercial Arbitration, Implementation of Right to Development, and Freedom of Expression. During the third day, our agenda were to conduct a mock GCM and another panel discussion. On mock GCM, we are assigned certain roles (could be the international board or national board), and we basically conduct a mock GCM and discuss certain issues that we have been assigned to. I was the Secretary General of ALSA Indonesia for that particular agenda.

During the second day of panel discussion, we discussed about Role of a Lawyer at Mediation, Counter-terrorism, and Intergenerational Equity. I personally gained a lot of knowledge on the topics, and were also given new perspectives. On the fourth day, we conducted General Assembly. On this agenda, as I’ve mentioned before, we conducted the review on accountability report and also election of new International Board. During the GA, Vice President of Public Relation and Marketing, and Vice President of Academic Activities were elected. On the evening, we conducted cultural night were each of every national chapters perform their own traditional dances of their own respective countries. On the fifth day, we went whale seeing as the Non-Academic Activities, although sadly the weather back then wasn’t really quite friendly. On the sixth day, we visited the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka as our Legal and Institutional Visit. There, we were explained on how judicial system works in Sri Lanka. On the evening, the farewell dinner was conducted. Though the farewell dinner is somewhat sad, knowing the delegates will part ways and go back to their own respective countries, delegates had a great time during the farewell dinner. On the last day, the agenda were only departure.

I would say this event taught me a lot of things, from getting to know diverse cultures of each countries in Asia to legal knowledges regarding many topics such as counter-terrorism. I also had the chance to meet a lot of people which I would say also expands my networking. Overall, this event is really great, especially the lessons and experience that I got as a delegate.

The next ALSA International Event is ALSA Conference which would be held in Thailand on either January or February 2019. Whereas the next ALSA Forum would be held in Philippines on summer 2019. I urge other members to join these International Event and hopefully see you there!

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