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ALSA Seoul Study Trip 2018

ALSA Seoul Study Trip 2018 is an annual event of ALSA International that organized by ALSA Korea. Participants across nations in Asia gathered in Seoul to have a high-quality study and also an exciting trip. This event held from 3rd to 7th of February. ALSA's members were provided unforgettable experiences from the winter of Seoul themed "Color Your Seoul". Other than that, there is also academic session under the academic theme of "Law and Justice".

The study trip started by the welcoming party on the first day. The party melted down the fatigue of travelling from our country by provided a really delicious dinner and also exciting games. On the second day, we did a route trip. There were three routes that we have chosen before by email. The participants of route x went to gyeongbokgung castle and became the royal family. What are you thinking about when you hear "Korea"? Yes! Gangnam style and the participants of route Y went to the famous Gangnam street, and the participants of the last route, route Z, played ice skating in the middle of beautiful winter. After our route trip, we were gathered in one of the Korean famous amusement parks, Lotte World. We were playing and having so much fun there. There was also a parade with Korean traditional dance and musical instrument that played by foreigners. At the end of the day, we were taking group photos for collecting our good memories.

The third day was a tiring and also a great day. It started by the academic session. Before this study trip, we were divided into teams that called 'table' and each table had a title theme and five teams with a subtopic each team. For table A there is a theme 'Animal rights, to be Approved or Not', table B had a theme 'Human Rights Regarding Children', table c themed 'Death Penalty in Accordance with Human Dignity', and 'Social approach towards Domestic/International Prisoners' for table D. It was held about 7 hours including our lunch time. it was kind our tiring but also fun at the same time because we could know other countries’ regulation and share the law in our country too. After the academic discussion, we had the most anticipated session of the study trip, Cultural Night. The participants from each country have to do a performance while wearing their traditional clothes. From Indonesia, we were performing a dance performance by a song "Ge Mu Fa Mi Re' from Nusa Tenggara Timur and wearing Batik that we proud of. We found it really interesting to watch other country's performance as we also knowing other culture.

We were going for a free trip in our fourth day and after that, we were going to Starfield Hannam. Starfield Hannam in one of the biggest mall in Korea and we were provided various things there. There was Korean bathhouse called 'jimjjil bang', a karaoke, and also a big hall for us to do various sports called 'sports monster'. The next day, we also had a free trip for the last day in the morning and went to Korean National Assembly Memorial for seeing Korean's history, specifically for its general assembly. Unfortunately, we only had one session left, the farewell party. we went to a bar to hold our farewell party, it was really fun but it kind of sad too because the study trip was about to end. On 8th, we were checking out from the hotel and going back to our country.

We are glad that we are lucky to be the delegates of ALSA Indonesia from ALSA LC UGM for attending ALSA Korean Study Trip 2018. We got the opportunity to meet many people across Asia and learning together. We are also grateful to meet other delegates from ALSA Indonesia and have a good connection with them. We would like to thank ALSA LC UGM and ALSA Indonesia for believing in us to become the delegates of this amazing event and also to ALSA Korea for giving us a really joyful and unforgettable study trip.

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