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OLMA 2019

OLMA or Organizing, Leadership and Management of ALSA is one of the most anticipated event in ALSA LC UGM as it functions as a regenerative to ALSA LC UGM by welcoming new members of ALSA LC UGM. Using the theme of "be better, be improved, be alsaians" OLMA 2019 aims to make these new members of ALSA LC UGM to improve and become the best version of themselves. After having became the project officer of this event, I learn to become not only just to run an event, but also to become a better person as a whole by acquiring new soft skills such as leadership skills. Lastly congratulations to new members of ALSA LC UGM from batch 2019 for starting their journey in ALSA hopefully that everyone can gain benefits by processing in ALSA.

You can access our event review at:

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