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Seminar & Workshop 2019

ALSA Seminar and Workshop 2019 was held concerning in Legal Aspect of Consumer Protection. In digital economy era, there has been significant increasing number of consumer that also present many challenges for consumer itself. The problem regarding e-commerce transaction might occur and it needs to be regulated. ALSA Seminar and Workshop also provide the opportunity to join the pre event, Essay Competition On 26th of October 2019, the seminar is held in Seminar Room, UGM Central Library. The attendee of this event such as BPKN and student from many university in Central Java and Yogyakarta region. The speakers are Anissa Syaufika Yustisia Ridwan S.H., M.H., Ashari Kurniawan S.H., and Drs. Edib Muslim M.A. On 27th of October 2019, the workshop is held in Hotel Cakra Kusuma discuss about how to make a good contract and digital signature. The speakers for the second day are Bhredipta Socarana S.H. using video conference and M.Nur Laili Dwi Kurniyanto S.H., M.H. You can access our event review on our youtube channel: You could also access the documentation of this event on our facebook page (ALSA LC UGM)

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